2019 Champions Men's Golf Association Fees

Annual Dues

Handicapping & Banquet $45
Hole In One Pot $5
Champions' Cup $50
Total Dues  $100

*$25 added for dues paid on or after 2/17/2019

Champions Circle Members: $20
Public: $55.00
*Fees include $20 prize money for flights & close-to-pin winners


50/50 raffle during each tournament (optional)
50% to winning ticket, 50% to Club Championship prize money pool

Season Info

  • For new players we calculate a handicap using the Callaway one score formula until a handicap is established after playing in three events.
  • Tournaments are divided into three to four flights by handicap depending on number of players in the field.
  • "A" flight plays from Gold tees, "B"  "C"  "D" flights play from White tees, "Seniors" 70 years and older play from Red tees, regardless of flight.  Or Seniors can choose to play the same tee box that their flight plays.  However, Seniors must choose one of these two options and stick with until the end of the season!
  • Results are determined by applying handicap to gross score.  The low net winners are paid in each flight, except in "A" flight, where the low gross winner is paid as well.
  • Prize money is paid out in cash.
  • Players must play in a minimum of five tournaments to be eligible to play in the Club Championship.
  • Net champions from each flight are determined by combined net score from the two-day Club Championship.
  • The Club Champion is determined by combined gross score from the two-day Club Championship, and must play from the same tees as the A flight (with the exception  of Seniors who can play from the Red tees).

  • Match Play
    Match Play will be eliminated in 2019 due to a poor turnout and reception over the past few years.

    Champions Cup
    This event is a cash side pot payout (end of year tournament). The mandatory entry fee is $50 per player. The Cup Champion will have his name engraved on the Champions Cup Trophy. Cup points are awarded by flight according to net standings in each tournament and accumulated throughout the year. The more tournaments you play the better your odds of winning the Championship. Don’t miss out on the tournaments with Double Cup Points!!!

    The Playoffs for the Champions Cup will be an Individual Medal tournament at the end of the season. The Cup Championship will be handicapped based on whatever your handicap is at that time. The Cup Championship is NOT FLIGHTED, but is handicapped.  Top 20 places after the Cup Championship receive prize money.

    The CUP CHAMPION will be the player with the most points overall and will win the cup and 1st place prize money.

    Second place is the player with the second most points overall and wins the 2nd place prize money and so on.

    The player that finishes with the lowest net score in the Cup Championship Tournament will win the bonus prize money.

    PGA Majors

    These events are an optional cash side pot pay out with a $10 entry fee. There will be a total of four Individual Medal events to be played coinciding with the PGA Majors. All players will play regular Individual Medal with the prize money payout as normal. In addition you will select three PGA Players and include them when you register online for the tournament by the Thursday deadline. This will eliminate having to re-select if your first or second choices do not make the cut. MGA players participating in the PGA Majors will combine their selected PGA Players’ Sunday score with their net score for a combined score. There will be at least one winner paid from each flight. Possibly more places will be paid depending on the amount of prize money and participants.